10 Emerging Art Dealers Shaping the Los Angeles Scene Ahead of Frieze

As the anticipation for Frieze Los Angeles at the Santa Monica Airport and Felix Art Fair at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel heightens, the spotlight shifts to the innovative minds shaping Los Angeles’ art scene. While established galleries like David Kordansky, Blum (now Blum & Poe), and Regen Projects have long been influential, a new wave of art dealers is making waves in the City of Angels.

Hannah Hoffman

Hannah Hoffman Gallery has been a beacon for historical and contemporary art since its inception in 2013. Noteworthy exhibitions have included the groundbreaking works of Mira Schendel and Paul Thek, alongside a roster of contemporary artists with strong ties to LA. With a focus on women artists, Hannah Hoffman Gallery continues to push boundaries, showcasing talents like Kate Mosher Hall and Luz Carabaño.

Paul Soto

Paul Soto Gallery has been at the forefront of representing emerging international artists since 2014. With a keen eye for talent, Soto has curated exhibitions that resonate globally, including shows by Na Mira and Kate Spencer Stewart. The gallery’s collaboration with London-based Soft Opening underscores its commitment to fostering artistic dialogues beyond borders.

Charlie James

Charlie James Gallery, nestled in Chinatown since 2008, has been a champion of artists of color. With a background in CRM application consulting, James brings a unique perspective to the gallery, showcasing artists like Patrisse Cullors and Lucia Hierro. Through exhibitions that delve into under-told narratives, Charlie James Gallery continues to provoke thought and reflection.

Karen Galloway

Sow & Tailor, founded by Karen Galloway in 2021, takes a refreshing approach to gallery representation. Eschewing traditional models, Galloway nurtures artistic endeavors on a project-to-project basis, fostering intimate relationships with artists like Tidawhitney Lek and Aryo Toh Djojo. Sow & Tailor’s commitment to organic growth reflects Galloway’s vision of a dynamic cultural landscape in LA.

Anat Ebgi

Anat Ebgi Gallery, established in 2012, has been a stronghold for underrepresented female artists. With a nod to feminist art history, the gallery has restaged seminal works like Tina Girouard’s “Pinwheel.” Anat Ebgi’s upcoming showcase of Gloria Klein’s overlooked abstract paintings from the ’70s and ’80s reaffirms its dedication to rewriting art historical narratives.

Chris Sharp

Chris Sharp Gallery, born out of Mexico City’s vibrant art scene, recently found a home in Los Angeles. With a focus on LA-based artists like Ishi Glinsky and Tom Allen, Sharp’s gallery serves as a platform for voices that challenge conventional norms. Through exhibitions that interrogate art’s relationship to history and politics, Chris Sharp Gallery pushes boundaries and sparks conversations.

Rodney and Taka Nonaka-Hill

Nonaka-Hill, inspired by Japanese aesthetics, brings a fusion of cultures to LA’s art landscape. Through exhibitions like Keita Matsunaga’s “Accumulation Flow,” the gallery explores the intersection of raw materials and art. With a roster of modern and contemporary Japanese artists, Nonaka-Hill bridges East and West, offering a nuanced perspective on artistic expression.

Emilia Yin

Make Room Los Angeles, founded by Emilia Yin in 2018, prioritizes exhibitions that resonate with diverse communities. Through collaborations with emerging talents like Youngmin Park and Yeni Mao, the gallery amplifies narratives of diasporas and underrepresented voices. Make Room’s commitment to fostering comprehensive relationships underscores its role as a cultural hub in LA.

Noon Projects

Noon Projects, led by creative director Ryan Noon, offers a sanctuary for artists exploring themes of queerness, nature, and technology. With exhibitions like Christian Rogers’s “Heaven on Earth,” the gallery celebrates queer joy and resilience. By embracing diverse perspectives, Noon Projects creates a space for dialogue and introspection.

David De Boer

De Boer Gallery, founded in 2020, champions artists with rigorous technical and conceptual practices. With a diverse roster spanning continents, the gallery embodies a global perspective on contemporary art. David De Boer’s expansion to Antwerp in 2023 marks a new chapter in the gallery’s evolution, solidifying its commitment to fostering artistic exchange on a global scale.

As Frieze descends upon Los Angeles, these ten rising art dealers stand as testament to the city’s vibrant and ever-evolving art scene. With their bold visions and unwavering dedication, they continue to shape the cultural landscape of the City of Angels.