Lazarides // Press 2016

Vhils: Debris in Hong Kong

Nowness, March 2016

From the moment that Vhils invited me to make a film around his first solo exhibition in …

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Steve Lazarides talks to Susie Mesure of The Independent

The Independent, March 2016

I’ve always called myself the accidental art dealer because this isn’t really …

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Steve Lazarides talks to Reuters TRT World

Vimeo, March 2016

Steve Lazarides recently spoke to Reuters TRT World about the history of the gallery and …

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Steve Lazarides on his S|2 show in Hong Kong and the rise of Street Art

Sothebys, March 2016

Street art, says Steve Lazarides, is “not just about backpacks and spray cans …

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Steve Lazarides speaks to CNN Style

CNN, March 2016

Over the last decade, London-based Bristol-born art dealer Steve Lazarides has worked …

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Lazarides looks at the State of Street Art

Artsy, March 2016

Though much of street art stems from a critique of the very capital that supports …

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Maser and the artists transforming Irish streets

Apartial, February 2016

The small island of Ireland has been known to produce giants in the world of …

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Celebrating a Decade of Lazarides Gallery

Aesthetica Magazine, February 2016

I have no set criteria. I’m not looking for any one specific thing. I don’t …

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Still Here: Steve Lazarides on ten years of challenging the art market

Its Nice That, February 2016

I wish that there were more galleries like us, someone should have come and kicked our …

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