BAER’s Multifaceted Artistic Journey Unveiled

An Unconventional Approach: Graffiti, Entheogens, and Baer’s Artistic Journey

Graffiti and Entheogens: A Unique Artistic Blend

Creating graffiti while under the influence of psychoactive substances may seem like a radical artistic approach. However, for Baer, this unconventional combination has resulted in some of his most remarkable and memorable pieces. Unlike the majority of graffiti that focuses solely on repeated names and styles, Baer delves into a myriad of bizarre and captivating themes. While incorporating subtle or bold lettering, his works explore extraterrestrials, sex, religion, cults, serial killers, abductions, drugs, BDSM, and many more intriguing subjects. It’s a true artistic journey, filled with carnage, transcendence, and imaginative worlds that push the boundaries of what graffiti can be.

Reflections on Ayahuasca: A Powerful Healing Experience

Baer recently returned from an ayahuasca ceremony, which may come as no surprise to those familiar with his work. He describes this experience as healing, offering resolution and marking one of the most powerful moments of his life. Having undergone emotional turmoil and heartbreak, Baer embarked on a profound healing path. Exploring jungle medicines like rapé and kambo, combined with the ayahuasca ceremony, he found a way to heal that traditional medical institutions couldn’t provide. This journey has reignited his ability to feel love, repaired his damaged nervous system from spray paint inhalation, and restored normal bladder functions. The transformation has been truly magical.

The Fascination with Extraterrestrials

Extraterrestrials play a recurring role in Baer’s artwork, sparking curiosity about what draws him to this subject matter. According to Baer, humanity itself can be seen as extraterrestrial, originating from the stars and intrinsically connected to the universe through telepathic energy. He dismisses the notion of metallic machine UFOs and instead believes in extraterrestrial beings existing in other dimensions, capable of traveling without mechanical crafts. Baer’s personal connection to extraterrestrials stems from his family’s history of alien abduction and a transformative UFO experience near the Denver International Airport. Through these encounters, he gained a deeper understanding of the profound cosmic connections that surround us.

The Mystery of an Unidentified Growth

Baer reveals the presence of a small solid object in the center of his left forearm, discussing it as something enigmatic and unusual. While he has mentioned it to doctors in passing, it remains unexplored through x-rays due to the anticipated high cost of its removal. The growth, which sometimes burrows deeper to avoid detection, adds an intriguing element to Baer’s personal narrative.

The Complex Relationship with Religion

Religion, particularly Satanism, often finds its way into Baer’s work, and he explains his perspective on various belief systems. Acknowledging the presence of multiple religions, Baer sees commonality among them, tracing their origins back to cosmic energies and the stars. He embraces religion while remaining skeptical of its appropriation and the contradictions between teachings of love and the perpetuation of war and hate. Reflecting on his relationship with Baphomet, Baer describes a complex interplay of masculine and feminine, positive and negative energies. His use of satanic imagery in graffiti serves as allegory, cautioning against charlatans and magicians while highlighting the self-destructive cycles in which we sometimes find ourselves.

Psychedelics and Personal Enrichment

Baer’s artwork often includes references to psychedelics, MDMA, ketamine, mescaline, and opiates, raising questions about which substances have been most beneficial to him personally. He candidly admits that experimenting with various chemical structures during the creative process has played a crucial role in his artistic journey. While acknowledging the potential damaging effects of entheogens when used without mindfulness, Baer shares his transformative experiences with DMT. This substance, unlike hallucinogens, is seen as a technological device allowing inter-dimensional travel and communication with the other side. For Baer, DMT has not only saved his life but also helped him overcome a devastating addiction.