Gorillaz: Decoding the Humanz Condition

The Humanz Condition Interview by Kristin Farr // Artwork by Jamie Hewlett In 1998, Jamie Hewlett created a globally renowned virtual band known as Gorillaz.

Grace Weaver: Unveiling the Magnitude

The Renaissance of Figurative Painting: A Glimpse into Grace Weaver’s Artistic Journey Introduction In the bustling art scene of New York City, there is currently

Hayley Barker’s Feminist Art Journey

Riot Grrrls and Rabbit Holes An Interview with Hayley Barker Hayley Barker, an artist known for her vibrant and captivating still life and landscape paintings,

Jesse Mockrin’s Artistic Enigma

A Tragedy in Two Parts An Interview with Jesse Mockrin In a recent artwork titled “for she died,” artist Jesse Mockrin reimagines Francesco Furini’s 1632

Jillian Evelyn: Pushing Boundaries

Beyond Breaking the Mold: A Journey into the Artistic World of Jillian Evelyn Introduction Monumental shifts are constantly underway, and as individuals, we find ourselves

Jules De Balincourt’s Creative Wave

Searching the Wave of Possibility The Unique Perspective of Jules de Balincourt Jules de Balincourt’s paintings offer a captivating depth and scope, immersing viewers in