Koak’s Dynamic Expressions of Motion

Bodies in Muse and Motion Interview by Jessica Ross // Portrait by Maria Kanevskaya It’s hard to ignore the problematic nature of the “artist and

Lamar Peterson’s Multifaceted Self-Portrait

A Self-Portrait: An Exploration of Lamar Peterson’s Artistic Journey Introduction In this interview, we delve into the artistic world of Lamar Peterson, a Florida-born, Minneapolis-based

Lily Wong’s Enigmatic Quest Unveiled

The Lightseeker: The Intersection of Art and Transformation An Interview with Lily Wong In a world disrupted by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, artists have had

Loie Hollowell’s Intricate Harmony

The Complexity of Symmetry Interview and portrait by Sasha Bogojev The Fascination of Figuration Figuration, in all its forms, captivates us – whether it be

Ludovic Nkoth’s Soul-Stirring Artistry

A Unique Perspective: Ludovic Nkoth A Critical Lens on Black Artists Cameroon-born painter Ludovic Nkoth challenges the prevailing public perception of Black artists and their

Masako Miki: Artistic Transformations

The Mighty Shapeshifter: A Conversation with Masako Miki Interview by Kristin Farr Masako Miki, a spiritual artist, connects with the vast expanse of the universe