Chanel Awards $108,000 Prizes to Visionary Artists Dalton Paula, Ho Tzu Nyen, and More

Artists have long been the avant-garde pioneers shaping the future of culture. Recognizing this, Chanel recently unveiled the recipients of its prestigious Chanel Next Prize. This illustrious award, boasting a generous €100,000 ($108,000) cash prize alongside two years of mentorship from Chanel’s esteemed global partners, celebrates ten remarkable artists spanning diverse fields, from opera to fine art to video game development.

Established in 2021, with roots tracing back a century according to Yana Peel, Chanel’s global head of arts and culture, the prize epitomizes Gabrielle Chanel’s enduring spirit of audacity and curiosity towards the future. Peel describes it as a beacon for the “new and the next,” embodying Chanel’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent. “Gabrielle Chanel wanted to be part of the future. I love the audacity and the curiosity of giving artists time and space and resources,” Peel shared with ARTnews.

Crucially, the Chanel Next Prize comes with no strings attached, allowing artists the freedom to redefine their respective disciplines without constraints. Peel emphasizes that the prize aims to encourage artists to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new territories.

The latest cohort of winners represents a diverse array of creative visionaries. Among them are Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist Tolia Astakhishvili, filmmaker Kantemir Balagov, Belfast-born choreographer Oona Doherty, and New York-based game designer Sam Eng. Also included are Ho Tzu Nyen, known for his groundbreaking work representing Singapore at the 2011 Venice Biennale, and Brazilian portraitist Dalton Paula.

Peel underscores the deliberate diversity among the winners, noting that Chanel intentionally avoids hierarchy between artistic disciplines. This approach fosters rich cross-disciplinary conversations among the cohort, enabling them to learn from one another’s unique perspectives and practices.

The selection process for the prize involved a distinguished jury comprising luminaries such as actress Tilda Swinton, artist Cao Fei, and curators Legacy Russell and Hans Ulrich Obrist. Last year, they convened at the Royal College of Art to deliberate and choose the deserving recipients.

Through the Chanel Next Prize, Chanel reaffirms its commitment to championing innovation and creativity across a spectrum of artistic endeavors. By providing financial support and mentorship, Chanel empowers artists to boldly shape the cultural landscape of tomorrow.