Christian Rex van Minnen’s Evolution in Lazinc Magazine

In Mourning and Rebirth

Exploring the Artistic Journey of Christian Rex van Minnen

In the realm of contemporary art, certain artists stand out for their exceptional technical skills and their ability to merge humor, satire, and fantasy. Christian Rex van Minnen is one such artist, whose work reflects not only his fine painting skills but also delves into the realms of personal identity and the profound struggles for meaning that many American men grapple with. In this interview, we explore van Minnen’s creative process, his recent experiences, his thoughts on masculinity, and his upcoming solo show titled “Mourning Wood and Liminal Dawn” at Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles.

Return to Roots

Van Minnen recently made a trip back to his hometown in Colorado, where he attended a rodeo and felt a sense of wholesomeness and deep appreciation for the pomp and ceremony that surrounded such an event. Reflecting on his return, he recounts how his hometown acquaintances acknowledge his career as a painter but often display a sense of detachment beyond that initial recognition. This humbling experience brings him down to earth, stripping away any false sense of importance that may have developed in the vibrant art scene of New York City.

The Evolution of a Painter

Looking back at his early works, van Minnen describes his first oil painting as Magritte-esque, featuring a skeleton holding missing mouth parts up to its own face. He confesses that, much like his subsequent works, he did not fully understand the deeper meanings behind these pieces at the time of creation. His fascination with surreal-alternate portraits, sometimes depicting distorted or birth-defect-like features, stems from a deep-rooted interest in allegory, archetype, and spirituality. Influenced by the teachings of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, van Minnen’s work seeks to tap into the poetic and psychological landscapes of the human experience.

The Dance of the Grotesque and the Profound

Van Minnen’s artwork often balances grotesque and expert depictions with deeper, allegorical concepts. He clarifies that his priority is to create art that resonates with him personally, rather than catering solely to an audience. Central to his work is the interplay between attraction and repulsion, which he believes leads to personal growth and novelty. However, he cautions against using provocation or irony merely for the sake of it, emphasizing the importance of sincerity and a clear message. Through his intricate techniques, van Minnen aims to prompt viewers to look beyond the surface and delve into the complexities of his art.

Unveiling Masculinity’s Crisis

Drawing from his personal experiences and background as a white American male, van Minnen’s paintings speak to the deeply rooted crisis of masculinity prevalent in contemporary society. Reflecting on his own journey of self-discovery, he delves into questions of identity and the complex history associated with being white in a colonized state. He acknowledges the need for reformulating and redefining what it means to be a white man, while admitting that he does not possess all the answers. Van Minnen’s work serves as a mirror for the struggles and desires of a generation seeking to transcend traditional notions of masculinity.

Balancing Materiality and Technique

When it comes to painting, van Minnen believes that achieving mastery lies in developing intimacy with the materials and embracing the present moment. He finds joy in the interplay between the paint and the canvas, testing the limits of what the medium can achieve. Navigating the fine line between celebrating materiality and conveying ideas, van Minnen acknowledges the influence of the Old Masters and their technical prowess. However, he also raises concerns about the historical context tied to that era, marked by exploitation and homogenization through capitalism. He aims to strike a balance, bringing together elements of both Modernism and the Renaissance masters in his work.

Exploring the Depths of Consciousness

Van Minnen’s work invites viewers to probe beneath the surface, allowing them to confront their own fears, biases, and preconceptions. His art delves into the darkest recesses of the human psyche, encouraging introspection and the dismantling of deeply ingrained prejudices. As society grapples with issues of race, class, and sexuality, van Minnen urges individuals to look inward and engage in the necessary work of self-reflection and healing. By doing so, he believes that individuals can contribute to a larger collective awakening and establish a more inclusive and compassionate world.

A Glimpse into the Future

Looking toward the future, van Minnen’s upcoming solo show at Richard Heller Gallery in Los Angeles, titled “Mourning Wood and Liminal Dawn,” promises to be a thought-provoking exploration of identity, sexuality, and masculinity. The centerpiece of the exhibition consists of eight medium-sized paintings portraying decapitated heads on whimsical gummy phalluses, each adorned with tattooed phrases reflecting various facets of identity. The body of work examines a liminal state of transition, akin to purgatory, where spiritual and psychological growth intersect. Van Minnen’s paintings serve as a mirror of his personal evolution, inviting viewers to reflect on their own journeys of self-discovery and self-acceptance.


Christian Rex van Minnen’s art draws viewers into a world woven with paradoxes, evoking both discomfort and attraction. Through his masterful technique and exploration of the human experience, he addresses the crisis of masculinity and seeks to foster a more conscious and empathetic society. As he prepares for his upcoming show, van Minnen continues to push the boundaries of his creativity, presenting artworks that challenge societal norms and inspire introspection. By encountering his paintings, viewers are encouraged to embark on their own transformative journeys, embracing the liminal spaces between darkness and light, death and rebirth.

5 Unique FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Q: What inspired Christian Rex van Minnen’s upcoming exhibition, “Mourning Wood and Liminal Dawn”?
A: The exhibition is inspired by van Minnen’s personal exploration of masculinity, sexuality, and identity, as well as his observations of the male crisis in contemporary America.

2. Q: How does Christian Rex van Minnen balance the grotesque and the profound in his artwork?
A: Van Minnen seeks to create a dynamic tension between attraction and repulsion, ultimately leading to personal growth and novelty. He emphasizes the importance of sincerity and a clear message in his work.

3. Q: What role does introspection and self-reflection play in van Minnen’s creative process?
A: Van Minnen believes in the necessity of exploring one’s own biases, fears, and preconceptions. His artwork serves as a catalyst for viewers to engage in introspection and embark on their own journeys of self-discovery.

4. Q: How does Christian Rex van Minnen navigate the complexities of historical context in his art?
A: While acknowledging the technical prowess of the Old Masters, van Minnen also highlights the exploitative and homogenizing aspects of that era. He aims to strike a balance between Modernism and the Renaissance Masters, incorporating elements of both in his work.

5. Q: What does Christian Rex van Minnen hope viewers will take away from his art?
A: Van Minnen hopes his art prompts viewers to confront their own prejudices, biases, and desires for personal growth. He aims to foster a more inclusive and compassionate society through introspection and collective healing.