Danica Lundy: Extended Release Art

The Art of Extended Release

An Interview with Danica Lundy

By Sasha Bogojev

As an art enthusiast, I vividly remember my first encounter with Danica Lundy’s captivating work. The layers, perspective, and dimension in her visuals seemed to come alive before my eyes, transforming a flat canvas into a three-dimensional space. Intrigued by her talent, I had the pleasure of meeting Danica in her Brooklyn studio, where her genuine character and zestful energy complemented her captivating art.

Life in the Last 6 Months

Danica reflects on the past six months, comparing them to a perpetual night in the movie “Dark City,” where the characters are oblivious to the absence of sunrise and sunset. She describes a peculiar feeling, as if the last six months could have been one long night.

A Canadian in the US

Living as a Canadian in the US, Danica shares her journey and the longing for her home country. She compares her quest to find her way back home to the protagonist’s search for Shell Beach in “Dark City.” Despite feeling like an “alien,” both as a Canadian and an artist, Danica finds stability and purpose in her studio, surrounded by peers, a supportive partner, and a recently adopted dog.

Identity and Belonging

Reflecting on her dual identity and the current political climate, Danica considers the complex notion of belonging. While she feels a sense of stability in New York and a deep connection to the ongoing civil rights movement, she also acknowledges her Canadian roots and contemplates the possibility of moving back to her homeland.

The Influence of Current Events

Danica acknowledges the profound shifts happening worldwide due to various factors such as the Black Lives Matter movement, the pandemic, economic challenges, and the struggle for democracy. She recognizes that these events inevitably shape her work and life, although she tends to incorporate topical issues through allusions rather than direct assertions.

Danica shares her engagement with audiobooks, currently immersed in “The Power Broker,” which delves into the influence of power structures on the development of New York City. She reflects on how historical decisions and infrastructural projects, often driven by political favors, have perpetuated racial and social inequities. This understanding influences her perspective as she creates art and considers her place within these systems.

Art and Athletics

Danica’s athletic background molds her artistic practice, showcasing themes of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork. Drawing parallels between sports and art, she emphasizes the importance of mental focus, hand-eye coordination, and the repetition of physical tasks in both domains. Both pursuits provide a kind of release and conversation, allowing for creativity and growth.

The Coach in the Artistic Journey

Inquiring about the role of a coach in the art world, Danica mentions the influence of professors, peers, critics, and the audience on an artist’s development. These individuals provide constructive criticism, tough love, and differing perspectives, guiding artists as they navigate their journeys. Ultimately, artists become their own coaches, which can be both empowering and challenging.

Merging Personal Experiences and Memories

Discussing her body of work, Danica reflects on how personal experiences, memories, and teenage years have influenced her art. She explores the intriguing dynamic between generationally inspired teen movies and how they shape young perceptions. Drawing from her own adolescence and the cultural impact of these movies, Danica considers the cyclical nature of teenage experiences and how they influence future generations.

The Significance of Cars in Art

Danica’s incorporation of cars in her artwork sparks curiosity, with Sasha posing the question of their significance. She explains that cars symbolize coming-of-age and freedom, opening up a world of possibilities for teenagers. Metaphorically, cars provide a compositional armature in her paintings, allowing for narrative depth and various associations.

The Concept of Connecting Paintings

Sasha praises Danica’s artistic approach, where some paintings depict the same scene from different angles or time frames. Danica reveals that this strategy originated from a need to refine her invented spaces and compositions. By shifting perspectives, she carries the essence of one painting into the next, creating a sense of continuity and facilitating the exploration of ideas.

Crafting Tactile Surfaces

Delving into the tactile nature of Danica’s work, Sasha questions her fascination with rendering surfaces such as aluminum sinks, gravel, droplets of water, hair, and skin. Danica explains that her artistic process begins with establishing the foundation of a painting through drawing, gradually bringing it into focus. She likens this process to feeling and willing the creation into existence, emphasizing the importance of nuanced experiences that unfold over time.

A Release that Sticks

Danica expresses her dedication to painting as a medium, highlighting the unique impact it has on viewers. Unlike any other form of art, painting resonates with her in an immediate and physical way. She strives to create paintings that feel familiar, capable of encapsulating emotions and leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Looking Ahead to 2021

In anticipation of the new year, Danica looks forward to embracing her thirties gracefully. She sets personal goals, such as learning to sew her own clothes, attending an all-night techno rave, and reuniting with her family. Art-wise, she eagerly anticipates her upcoming solo show in Brussels and other undisclosed projects. She concludes by expressing her desire to cultivate an air of mystery, signaling a promising start to the next chapter of her artistic journey.


Danica Lundy’s art encapsulates the essence of depth, perspective, and personal experience. Through her unique approach and passion for storytelling, she invites viewers into a world where art and life intertwine. As she navigates her artistic journey, Danica’s work continues to captivate, leaving a profound and lasting impression.


1. How did Danica Lundy’s background in athletics shape her artistic practice?

Danica draws on her experiences as an athlete, highlighting the parallels between sports and art. Both domains require discipline, mental focus, and teamwork, ultimately contributing to her growth as an artist.

2. How does Danica incorporate social issues into her artwork?

Danica alludes to topical issues rather than directly asserting them in her work. Power structures, racial and social inequities, and historical contexts are among the themes she explores, sparking thoughtful conversations through her art.

3. What is the significance of cars in Danica’s paintings?

Cars symbolize coming-of-age and freedom in Danica’s artwork. They serve as metaphors for exploration, narrative depth, and compositional armatures, facilitating the visual storytelling within her paintings.

4. How does Danica connect multiple paintings within a body of work?

Danica creates a sense of continuity by depicting the same scene from different angles or time frames. This technique allows her to carry the essence of one painting into the next, establishing a connection while exploring new ideas.

5. What are Danica’s goals for 2021?

In 2021, Danica aims to embrace her thirties gracefully, learn how to sew her own clothes, attend an all-night techno rave, and reunite with her family. She anticipates an upcoming solo show in Brussels and is excited about undisclosed projects on the horizon.