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The story of David Choe is one of constant reinvention and artistic exploration, a journey that has captivated and confounded his audience for decades. Born in Los Angeles, Choe first made a name for himself through his distinctive graffiti style, which he dubbed “dirty style.” His murals adorned the streets of LA, showcasing an edgy and expressive form of art that stood out from traditional graffiti.

In addition to his art, Choe lived a colorful and unconventional life, flitting between various sources of income, including odd jobs and gambling. His willingness to embrace uncertainty and his unapologetic approach to life became defining characteristics of his persona as an artist. He self-published a graphic novel, worked on album covers for well-known musicians, and exhibited his art in various galleries, steadily gaining recognition for his unique and unapologetic style.

But it was his association with Facebook that truly propelled him into the spotlight. Sean Parker, Facebook’s first president, was an avid fan of Choe’s work and invited him to paint murals in the company’s offices. Instead of seeking payment in cash, Choe took a gamble and accepted stock options. When Facebook went public in 2012, Choe’s decision paid off massively, as the value of his shares soared to an astounding two hundred million dollars. This unexpected windfall transformed him into a millionaire and catapulted him into the realm of successful contemporary artists.

Throughout his career, Choe has flirted with controversy, making headlines for his provocative acts and boundary-pushing artistic expressions. He has faced legal issues, including jail time in Japan for an altercation with a security guard at an art gallery. He has also used his own blood as a medium for his art, adding an eerie and unsettling dimension to his work.

One of his most intriguing pieces was a portrait of Barack Obama that supposedly contained a secret message only visible under black light. The portrait was rumored to have hung in the White House for a period, further adding to Choe’s mystique and reputation as an unconventional and unpredictable artist.

In 2008, Choe hosted a Vice video series titled “Thumbs Up,” in which he and his friends hitchhiked around the world, engaging in wild and sometimes absurd adventures. The series was a perfect vehicle for Choe’s carefree and adventurous spirit, capturing his raw and unfiltered persona on camera.

Choe’s podcast, “DVDASA,” co-hosted with adult-film star Asa Akira, took a dark turn when he described a fictional sexual assault on a massage therapist, sparking outrage and drawing severe criticism. The incident raised questions about his sense of responsibility and the fine line between provocative storytelling and irresponsible behavior.

More recently, Choe underwent a profound transformation, opening up about his journey to emotional well-being and maturity. His appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast was a pivotal moment, where he explored topics like therapy, meditation, and his struggles with addiction. This newfound self-awareness led him to launch “The Choe Show,” a TV program that showcased his interviews with celebrity guests, exploring their traumas and dreams through his unique artistic lens.

In 2022, Choe introduced the Munko Discord server, an online community that immersed participants in a dynamic and ever-evolving version of his artistic world. The server became a space for creative expression and introspection, drawing a diverse group of individuals who were united by their admiration for Choe’s work and their desire for self-exploration.

Despite the positive impact of the community, concerns arose about the server’s dynamics, with some members expressing unease about potential cult-like elements and the influence Choe exerted over the community. As with any online space, the intensity and interconnectedness of the Munko community led to both positive and negative experiences for its participants.

Rape Comments and Legal Troubles

In March 2014, David Choe made controversial comments on his DVDASA podcast, where he alluded to engaging in “rapey behavior” with a masseuse. He defended his statements by asserting that the podcast was essentially a work of fiction. These remarks sparked public outrage and protests, particularly when he was commissioned to paint the Bowery Mural Wall in 2017. Street artist Swoon and Jasmine Wahi were among the protesters who voiced their objections, aiming to raise awareness about the normalization of rape culture. The mural project was further marred when graffiti artists defaced the artwork. In response, Choe publicly denied any history of sexual assault or rape and issued an apology for his comments on the podcast. However, these past remarks resurfaced in April 2023 following the success of the Netflix drama-comedy miniseries Beef.

In the early 2000s, while participating in an art show in Japan, David Choe reportedly got into an altercation with a police officer, leading to his arrest. Various sources cite conflicting years for this incident, either 2003 or 2005, and mention that he served a two- to three-month sentence in prison.

Choe’s artistic journey remains a captivating and enigmatic one, as he continues to blur the lines between reality and fiction, provocation and self-expression. The dichotomy between his controversial persona and his introspective side creates a complex narrative that intrigues and challenges his audience.

As the Munko community navigates its evolution, it will be fascinating to observe how Choe’s unique blend of artistry, vulnerability, and introspection shapes the future of his artistic legacy. Whether he is immortalized as a groundbreaking and influential artist or as a controversial figure whose journey was defined by both brilliance and darkness, David Choe’s impact on the art world will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

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