David Choe – Seedy

  • Title: Seedy
  • Artist: David Choe
  • Medium: Hand-embellished screen print in colors on archival paper
  • Size: 25 1/5 × 18 9/10 in | 64 × 48 cm
  • Edition: Signed, titled, and numbered from an edition of 187 in pencil, bearing the artist’s stamp and three unique pencil sketches, published by Lazarides
  • Artist’s Signature: “DC” (David Choe)
  • Sheet Size: 64 x 48 cm

About David Choe: David Choe is an American artist born in 1976, known for his work as a street artist. His paintings are deeply imaginative and draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including comics, gothic art, Surrealism, pornography, and fashion illustration. Choe’s artistic creations feature seductive, mischievous, and narratively complex images. He often incorporates oils, acrylics, and collage techniques into his art, resulting in captivating and thought-provoking compositions.

The subjects in Choe’s artwork are diverse, ranging from fictional GI Joe heroes wielding 1970s boom boxes and Arabic slogans to groups of young urban women and eerie human-animal hybrids. Through his art, Choe expresses his love for animals, explores themes of peace and redemption, and delves into the realm of human sexuality.

Please note that the provided information is a description of the artwork and an overview of the artist’s style and themes. If you are interested in acquiring or learning more about the artwork “Seedy,” you may contact the publisher, Lazarides, or the relevant art gallery or auction house where the piece is available for purchase or exhibition.