Digital to Polaroid Photo Transformation

Making Photos Look Like Polaroids: A Simple Guide


Polaroids have been a beloved choice for professional photographers and casual enthusiasts since they rose to popularity in the 1970s. In the past, capturing the Polaroid look required expensive cameras and specialized film. However, with advancements in technology, it has become much easier to emulate the Polaroid effect without actually using a camera. In this article, we will explore how to make your photos look like Polaroids using Lazinc, a versatile online photo editing platform. Additionally, we will discuss creative ways to incorporate faux Polaroids into your home decor and online postings.

The Size of a Polaroid Photo

Inner Photo Size

Understanding the dimensions of a Polaroid photo is crucial when aiming to recreate the authentic look. The inner photo area of a Polaroid 600 film measures approximately 3.0625 x 3.125 inches, with a slightly taller than wide aspect ratio. If you are using Instax film, the square size is 61×61 millimeters, while the mini size is 61×46 millimeters.

Outer Frame Size

The outer frame of a Polaroid refers to the white border that surrounds the photo. For standard Polaroid 600 film, the full Polaroid effect, including the frame, measures 3.4 x 4.2 inches. In the case of Instax Polaroid photos, the Mini size has dimensions of 46×62 millimeters, while the Square size is 62×62 millimeters.

Making Photos Look Like Polaroids with Lazinc’s Online Polaroid Effect

Adding Your Photo

Start by uploading your photo to Lazinc. You can do this by either dragging and dropping the image directly into the editor or selecting the “Open” option and choosing the file from your device.

Adjusting the Photo

Once the image is uploaded, make necessary adjustments to enhance its appearance in line with the Polaroid aesthetic. Begin by cropping the photo to a square shape using the “Crop” function. Although square photos work best with the Polaroid effect, you can experiment with other ratios to suit your preference. After cropping, brighten the image by adjusting the “Exposure” to 14 and increasing the “Highlights” to 100 using the “Fine Tune” feature.

Choosing a Frame

To create the Polaroid photo effect, Lazinc offers various frame options. For a classic and simple Polaroid frame, navigate to the “Frames” tab and select “Polaroid.” Customize the frame by setting the outer size to 100 and the caption size to 200. To ensure visibility on white backgrounds, opt for a light gray outer color. However, if the photo will be placed on a background other than white, a white frame can provide a more authentic Polaroid effect. You can further enhance the effect by experimenting with rounded corners.

Trying Vintage Frames

For those seeking an old Polaroid effect, Lazinc provides vintage-inspired frames under the “Vintage” category within the borders section. Choose a suitable border from the variety available, such as retro, “90’s” style, or other vintage designs, and apply it to your image.

Adding Stickers to Enhance the Polaroid Effect

Tapes & Stickers

Unleash your creativity by embellishing your Polaroids with stickers and illustrations. In the sticker tab, you’ll find countless options to add charm to your Polaroid effect, including strips of tape. Search for “Tape” to discover various tape designs, adjust their color, and size using the anchor points. Layer stickers, drawings, quotes, and other sketches to personalize your Polaroid further.

Patterns & Backgrounds

To add more visual interest and texture, incorporate textures as you would stickers. Use the move tool to stretch textures over the entire Polaroid, including the outer border. This technique instantly transforms your photo into a retro Polaroid reminiscent of authentic scrapbooking. Experiment with combining stickers, textures, and patterns to achieve a unique and captivating result.

Adding Text & Emojis to Enhance the Polaroid Photo Effect


To add playful details to your Polaroid, consider incorporating emojis. After uploading your Polaroid to Lazinc, navigate to the “Stickers” tab and search for “Emojis.” Select your favorite emojis and position them creatively within the Polaroid. Adjust the opacity of the stickers for seamless