Erica Il Cane – From ‘Il Buio’ book 11

IL BUIO – THE BOOK is a remarkable collection of 20 drawings meticulously handprinted in white on 400gsm black Fedrigoni paper. Limited to only 100 copies, each copy is personally signed and numbered by the artist.

This exclusive publication showcases the captivating artwork of IL BUIO, offering a unique visual experience that unfolds against the stark contrast of black paper. The intricate white drawings, carefully crafted by the artist, come to life in this limited edition book.

IL BUIO – THE BOOK is a testament to the artist’s skill and creativity, presenting a collection of captivating illustrations that captivate the viewer. With only 100 copies available, each one bearing the artist’s signature and unique numbering, this publication represents a coveted piece of art for collectors and enthusiasts.

To acquire your own copy of IL BUIO – THE BOOK, please refer to the available sources.