Esteban Samayoa’s Cancer Sun and Moon

Exploring the Emotional and Intuitive Art of Esteban Samayoa


In this interview with Esteban Samayoa, affectionately known as Pops, we dive into the world of his captivating charcoal drawings. From his textured fur jackets to the earnest portrayal of cultural symbols, Samayoa’s art resonates deeply with viewers. However, it is the intricately detailed faces of his subjects that truly stand out, eliciting a sense of familiarity and connection. As we delve into his artistic journey, we discover that his emotional nature, influenced by his Cancer sun and moon signs, plays a significant role in his creations.

Taking Care and Finding Joy

During our conversation, Samayoa shares his recent efforts in self-care, emphasizing the importance of emotional, mental, and physical well-being. He highlights the joy he finds in connecting with himself, engaging in physical activities, and experiencing the positive shift in his artistic career.

A Life Like Ours Exhibition

Reflecting on his recent exhibition, “A Life Like Ours,” held at Swim Gallery, Samayoa expresses his satisfaction with the event’s success and the meaningful feedback he received. He describes his intention behind selecting specific pieces that aim to bring communities together, telling stories of different colors and shared interests. Samayoa wanted the gallery to be an inclusive and welcoming space, hence his choice to paint the walls red, creating a powerful backdrop for his black and white artwork. Additionally, he incorporated interactive elements, such as a domino table, to foster engagement and connection among visitors.

Embracing Vulnerability and Capturing Stories

Throughout our discussion, Samayoa’s vulnerability shines through as he opens up about his personal experiences and the trials and tribulations he faced while growing up. He sees his art as a platform to address taboo subjects and shed light on the struggles faced by individuals in his community. By sharing his own stories, as well as those of his friends and family, he hopes to provide solace and support to others in similar situations.

The Influence of Astrological Signs

Samayoa attributes a significant part of his artistic approach to his Cancer sun and moon signs. Identifying as an empath, he is keenly attuned to the emotions of others, allowing him to capture their stories with heightened sensitivity. This connection with people’s emotions permeates his artwork and adds an additional layer of depth and relatability.

An Artist’s Journey

Samayoa’s journey as an artist began early in life, with his natural talent for drawing evident from a young age. Although he lacked formal guidance or art education, his passion for creating art persisted. Over time, he discovered the power of self-expression and found ways to make his artistic pursuits a reality, despite the initial feelings of being an outsider in the art world.

Inclusivity and Empowerment

As an artist, Samayoa aims to be a platform for other individuals like himself. He aspires to bring Black and Brown people into art spaces and provide opportunities for them to showcase their talent. By creating a more inclusive and diverse art community, he hopes to eliminate the discomfort often associated with traditional gallery settings, making art more accessible and relatable to all.


Esteban Samayoa’s art reflects his empathetic nature and serves as a medium for storytelling, connection, and empowerment. Through his charcoal drawings, he captures the essence of emotions and experiences, creating a bridge between the artist and the viewer. As he continues to evolve and make his mark in the art world, Samayoa remains committed to being true to himself and uplifting others.


1. What materials does Esteban Samayoa use for his charcoal drawings?
2. How does Samayoa incorporate interactive elements in his exhibitions?
3. How has Samayoa’s artwork evolved over the years?
4. What inspired Samayoa to focus on his family and community in his art?
5. How does Samayoa plan to bring more inclusivity to art spaces?