Exploring ‘Making Their Mark’: A Journey of Women Artists from Shah Garg Foundation

The remarkable exhibition, “Making Their Mark,” featuring women artists from the esteemed Shah Garg Foundation, has garnered immense acclaim since its inception at the former Dia Foundation building in New York last November, drawing in over 50,000 visitors. Now, poised for further exploration, the exhibition is set to embark on an exciting tour across various renowned museums in the United States.

Scheduled to commence its journey in October at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive in California, followed by a stop at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Missouri, in September 2025, this tour promises to extend the reach and impact of the exhibition. Originally planned for select venues, the American Federation of Arts has taken the reins, facilitating an extended tour across the nation.

The genesis of this remarkable exhibition lies in a book project initiated by collector Komal Shah. A stalwart in the art world, Shah, along with her husband Gaurav Garg, has consistently championed postwar and contemporary women artists. Seeking to amplify the visibility of these artists, Shah transformed her collection into a groundbreaking book titled “Making Their Mark: Art by Women in the Shah Garg Collection,” published by Gregory R. Miller & Co. last year. Featuring insightful essays by esteemed curators like Mark Godfrey and Katy Siegel, the book laid the foundation for the subsequent exhibition.

Curated by the distinguished Cecilia Alemani, known for her role as the curator of the 2022 Venice Biennale, “Making Their Mark” showcases a diverse array of artworks in New York until March 23. Alemani’s curation ensures a compelling narrative that underscores the significance of women artists in shaping contemporary art discourse.

The collaboration between Shah and the American Federation of Arts signifies a pivotal moment in the exhibition’s trajectory. Pauline Forlenza, Director of AFA, recognized the exhibition’s potential during its pop-up showcase in New York, paving the way for this expansive tour. With a shared commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices in art, the partnership between Shah and AFA promises to bring this enriching experience to audiences nationwide.

As plans for the tour unfold, Alemani will continue to spearhead the curation, collaborating with curators at each venue to tailor the exhibition experience to local contexts. Shah, enthusiastic about the partnership, emphasizes the exhibition’s educational potential, aiming to inspire and engage students and communities across the country.

“Making Their Mark” transcends the boundaries of traditional exhibitions, offering a poignant exploration of women’s contributions to art history. With each stop on its journey, this exhibition invites audiences to delve into the diverse and remarkable narratives woven by women artists, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of the United States.