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The FAILE collective are one of the most popular and recognizable international producers of street-displayed artwork. Their allure has prompted an invitation to paint the exterior of London’s Tate Modern gallery in May 2008. In 2007 their shows in London and New York sold out instantly, and inspired memorable, and widely-reported, scenes amongst would-be buyers that were considerably uglier than FAILE’s charming and eye-catching art.

Eliminating the problem of painting of walls whilst keeping one eye out for the authorities by simply slapping the finished art up as a flyposter, FAILE’s tremedously appealing work graces brick surfaces across the world. Lacking in aggression, perhaps, but certainly not passion, the pieces here testify that the real power of Americana is that it can always be appropriated and enjoyed on one’s own terms.

FAILE have produced four books featuring art and writing, the most recent of which, Lavender, was released in 2005.

They are the nice guys of the graffiti world, and like all nice guys they will win in the end.

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After yet another funding cut across public schools in the states, The Outsiders favourite, Logan Hicks has organised an online auction to benefit his son’s school, PS 132 in Brooklyn. Toe The Line includes contributions from some of street art’s best known names: FAILE, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, Chris Stain, Dabs and Myla, How and Nosm, and Eric Haze, among many others.

You can view all the works and bid for the next 7 days until the auction comes to close, so share, spread the love and show your support for an extremely worthwhile cause.

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