Indigo Color Overview, Meaning, and Explanation

Indigo: Exploring the Captivating Color

What Color is Indigo?

Indigo, nestled between blue and violet, is a dark and rich color. It evokes a sense of tranquility, harmony, confidence, and integrity. This versatile color finds its place in a myriad of graphic designs, making them visually appealing and captivating.

Indigo Color Meaning

Indigo holds significant meaning and symbolism. It represents intuition, insight, and promotes deep concentration during introspection and meditation. This color facilitates a connection with one’s inner self, allowing individuals to explore profound levels of consciousness. Additionally, indigo’s association with the sky and sea conveys a sense of calmness and confidence. Psychologically, it is linked to wisdom, justice, and order.

Information about Indigo / #330099

The hex code for indigo color is #330099. In the RGB color space, indigo consists of 20.0% red, 0.0% green, and 60.0% blue. Its decimal values are 51, 0, and 153 for red, green, and blue respectively. In the CMYK color space, indigo comprises 66.67% cyan, 100.0% magenta, 0.0% yellow, and 40.0% black.

Various Shades of Indigo Color

Indigo color comes in a remarkable range of shades, each with subtle nuances. Let’s delve into some of the most notable shades:

Electric Indigo Color (#6f00ff)

Electric indigo is a vibrant and saturated color, treading the fine line between traditional indigo and violet. It is reminiscent of brilliant indigo dye and radiates a bright bluish-violet hue. When displayed on a computer screen, it closely resembles Spectrum Indigo. Its complementary color is lime green.

Dark Indigo Color (#2a0d5d)

Also known as Prussian blue, dark indigo belongs to the deep purple family. It possesses medium brightness coupled with high saturation, resulting in a visually captivating shade. The RGB color composition of dark indigo includes 16.47% red, 5.1% green, and 36.47% blue.

Deep Indigo Color (#2b0071)

Deep indigo, also known as Blue Violet, exhibits brightness between screen indigo and pigment indigo. This hue strikes a balance between the two, capturing the essence of indigo effectively. Its RGB composition consists of 16.86% red, 0.0% green, and 44.31% blue.

Violet Indigo Color (#3e285c)

The violet indigo color belongs to the violet family and is a captivating amalgamation of blue and magenta. With its RGB composition of 24.31% red, 15.69% green, and 36.08% blue, it radiates a distinct and alluring hue.