Instagram Photo Fit Guide for Beginners

Cropping a Photo to Fit on Instagram

When it comes to sharing photos on Instagram, sometimes they don’t perfectly fit within the platform’s square dimensions. Fear not! There’s an easy solution to this predicament – cropping. By cropping a photo, you can adjust its size and remove any unwanted parts without sacrificing the content you want to showcase. Lazinc’s online photo cropper is the perfect tool to help you achieve this effortlessly.

If you find yourself needing to crop a photo to fit on Instagram, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Lazinc and upload the picture you wish to crop.
  2. You can either freehand crop the image or choose from preset Instagram crop ratios to maintain the desired dimensions.
  3. If you want to maintain the original picture’s proportion, make sure to click the “keep aspect ratio” option.
  4. Once you’ve finished cropping, preview the result and click the “download” button to export the photo.

Voila! Now you have a perfectly cropped image ready to be shared on Instagram.

Resizing an Image to Fit on Instagram

There may be instances when your photo size is slightly different from what Instagram requires, but you don’t want to compromise on the full content of your picture. In such cases, Lazinc’s online photo resizer comes to the rescue! This fantastic tool allows you to easily resize your images to any size you desire, without losing any quality.

To resize an image to fit on Instagram:

  1. Open Lazinc and upload the image you want to resize.
  2. Enter the desired new size for your image. Typically, Instagram post size is 1080×1080 pixels.
  3. If you want to maintain the original image’s ratio, ensure the “Keep Proportions” option is locked.
  4. After you’re done with the editing, preview the image and click the “download” button to save it.

Now you have your resized image, ready to be shared on Instagram without any cropping required.

Adding a Border to an Image to Fit on Instagram

What if your photo size significantly differs from the dimensions specified by Instagram, and you don’t want to sacrifice any content? Adding a border to your photo can be an excellent solution. It not only makes the photo size suitable for Instagram but also adds a stylish touch by employing the decorative effect of a frame.

Here’s how you can add a border to a photo using Lazinc:

  1. Open Lazinc and upload the image to which you want to add a border.
  2. Click on the “frames” button in the left panel to access a vast array of photo borders and frames.
  3. Select your preferred border style, layout, and color to suit your taste and complement your photo.
  4. Customize the border further by adjusting its width, size, and opacity until it looks just right to you.
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the editing, preview the image and click the “download” button to save it.

Now you have a creatively bordered image, ready to captivate your followers when shared on Instagram.

Unleash Your Instagram Aesthetic with Lazinc

Not only does Lazinc offer basic photo adjustments like cropping, resizing, and adding borders, but it also provides a plethora of resources to enhance your Instagram feed’s aesthetic appeal. With professionally designed Instagram post templates, you can effortlessly create stunning and professional posts that are sure to impress your followers and increase engagement.

Add an extra touch of creativity to your photos with stickers, filters, or even create collages for a more diverse and engaging account. With Lazinc, making captivating social media graphics has never been easier!

So why wait? Explore Lazinc now and unlock a world of ideas to elevate your Instagram game to new heights.


Instagram has become a popular platform for sharing visually captivating content, and fitting pictures perfectly within its dimensions is essential for a seamless user experience. In this blog post, we’ve explored various methods to make your pictures fit on Instagram effortlessly.

Whether you need to crop, resize, or add a border, Lazinc’s versatile tools have got you covered. Now you can share your carefully curated photos without worrying about losing any important details or compromising on the visual appeal.

So go ahead, take your Instagram game to the next level with Lazinc, and watch your feed become a visually stunning collection of moments that leave your followers in awe.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Lazinc a free photo editing tool?

Yes, Lazinc offers a wide range of photo editing features for free. However, there are also premium options available for even more advanced editing capabilities.

2. Can I use Lazinc on my mobile device?

Absolutely! Lazinc is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. You can enjoy all its features and editing tools on the go.

3. Can I edit multiple photos at once using Lazinc?

Yes, Lazinc allows batch editing, which means you can edit multiple photos simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

4. Does Lazinc have social media integration?

Yes, Lazinc allows you to directly share your edited photos to various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

5. Can I collaborate with others on photo editing projects using Lazinc?

Yes, Lazinc offers a collaborative editing feature that allows you to invite others to work on the same photo project, making it perfect for teamwork and group projects.