Navigating Dakota Cates’ Enigmatic World: An Intimate Encounter

The Whimsical Artistry of Wizard of Barge

Dakota Cates, also known as Wizard of Barge, is an artist who has captivated my attention through the vast realm of social media. As a self-proclaimed dopamine enthusiast, I find myself frequently immersed in the digital abyss. However, stumbling upon WOB’s art is always a rewarding experience, like discovering treasure amidst the chaos. With a blend of humor, beauty, and occasional irreverence, Dakota’s world of wondrous wizards and eccentric creatures possesses the power to dispel the modern malaise. Curious to delve deeper, I embarked on a mystical journey into his artistic realm, asking him a six-pack of questions.

In Search of the Origins: The Birth of Wizard of Barge

Michael Sieben: How did you come up with the name Wizard of Barge? Did you consider any other names before landing on that?

Wizard of Barge: Ah, the genesis of my moniker holds an enchanting story. As an ardent admirer of the realms of fantasy and magic, the choice of “Wizard” was a given. However, the “Barge” aspect has a peculiar origin. It emerged as the rallying cry of my skate crew back in Houston. It conveys the spirit of fearlessness, urging us to boldly confront challenges. Little did I know that this battle cry would eventually evolve into my artist persona, albeit with a hint of confusion. Oops!

Infusing Joy into Art: The Beacon of Positivity

Your art has a consistently upbeat tone. Does anything ever dampen your spirits?

Wizard of Barge: Although I, like everyone else, encounter moments of melancholy, it is precisely for this reason that I infuse my art with positivity and humor. It serves as a powerful defense against the chaos lords who seek to disrupt our lives. Moreover, it acts as a personal reminder to not take life’s vicissitudes too seriously and instead revel in the journey. There is already an abundance of gloom and doom in the world, and I strive to refrain from cluttering your eyeholes with additional negativity.

Influences and Muses: Shaping an Artistic Style

When crafting your distinctive illustration style, which artists inspire and influence you?

Wizard of Barge: The foundation of my artistic endeavors originates from the vibrant world of skateboarding, where luminaries like Ed Templeton and Neckface left an indelible mark on my early artistic aspirations. Beyond the skateboarding sphere, fantasy artists such as Skinner, Moebius, and Frazetta captured my heart with their mesmerizing depictions of whimsical creatures and realms.

Unleashing Unlimited Creativity: Dream Projects with No Bounds

If you had the opportunity to embark on a project with no budget constraints, what creative masterpiece would you conjure up?

Wizard of Barge: Growing up engrossed in the world of cartoons, my ultimate desire would be to breathe life into a full-fledged universe starring my beloved characters. I envision an immersive experience where one can follow mischievous goblins playing pranks in a dungeon or observe door-to-door cultists trying to recruit members before the impending end times. In essence, I yearn to capture the everyday occurrences within the enigmatic Barge realm.

Temporal Musings: Words of Wisdom to the Past

If you possessed a time machine, what advice would you impart upon your 12-year-old self?

Wizard of Barge: Follow your stoke! It is far too effortless to glimpse your dream job and erroneously believe that it exists solely for others. This misguided notion hindered me from embracing my true potential and pursuing my passions wholeheartedly until I freed myself from its shackles. Oh, and an essential truism: never trust a fart!

A Clash of Titans: Harry Potter vs. Gandalf

Who would prevail in an epic battle between Harry Potter and Gandalf?

Wizard of Barge: Without hesitation, I proclaim Gandalf as the victor! Battling hordes of orcs and towering demons, Gandalf’s valor eclipses Harry’s noble but academic endeavors. Moreover, how can one bestow the title of wizard upon oneself without a majestic, flowing beard? While I, too, lack such facial adornment due to genetics, I acknowledge the significance of the symbol. Thanks, Dad!

Embrace the Magical World of Wizard of Barge

If you crave more of Dakota’s whimsical artistry, be sure to explore his captivating realm on Instagram: @wizardofbarge or visit his official website at Prepare to be transported to a dimension brimming with enchantment and delight.


Dakota Cates, known as Wizard of Barge, has bewitched the art world with his vibrant, whimsical creations. Through a mixture of humor, positivity, and a touch of irreverence, he showcases a unique perspective that resonates with many. From embracing the power of imagination to infusing every stroke with joy, Wizard of Barge has established himself as an artistic force to be reckoned with. Step into his mystical realm and allow the wonders to unfold before your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I connect with Wizard of Barge?

If you wish to immerse yourself further in the mesmerizing artistry of Wizard of Barge, follow him on Instagram at @wizardofbarge or visit his official website at Prepare yourself for a visual feast!

2. What inspires Wizard of Barge’s upbeat artistic tone?

Wizard of Barge draws inspiration from a desire to combat the chaos and negativity that pervade our lives. By infusing his art with positivity and humor, he offers a respite, reminding us to embrace the lighter side of existence and find solace in the joyous journey.

3. Who are some of the artists who shaped Wizard of Barge’s individual illustration style?

Early influences on Wizard of Barge’s artistic journey include renowned skateboarders such as Ed Templeton and Neckface. Additionally, he finds inspiration in fantasy artists like Skinner, Moebius, and Frazetta, who weave fantastical tales through their imaginative creatures and worlds.

4. What would Wizard of Barge create if given an unlimited budget?

Given the freedom of an unlimited budget, Wizard of Barge dreams of building a complete universe around his beloved characters. From mischievous goblins wreaking havoc in dungeons to door-to-door cultists on the brink of cataclysmic events, the possibilities within the Barge realm are limitless and enchanting.

5. Who would win in a battle: Harry Potter or Gandalf?

Wizard of Barge firmly believes in Gandalf’s supremacy. While Harry Potter’s wizarding prowess and resilience are commendable, Gandalf’s experiences battling formidable foes such as orcs and giant demons place him on a different level. Besides, how can one claim the title of wizard without a majestic, magical beard?