Nude Color Overview, Meaning, and Explanation

When it comes to color, nude is anything but dull. This non-aggressive hue holds a unique place in graphic design and everyday color combinations. With its ability to harmonize with any color, nude is the perfect choice for those seeking a blend of freshness and sophistication. In this article, we delve into the world of nude color, exploring its meaning, hexadecimal code, color information, shades, color schemes, and practical applications. Whether you’re a designer or simply someone looking to better understand this versatile shade, read on to unlock the secrets of nude color.

What is Nude Color?

Nude color is a blend of brown and white that closely resembles beige. The hexadecimal code for nude color is #e3bc9a. Its origins lie in the natural hues of lips, face, and body, mimicking skin tones. The name “nude” is associated with the skin color of Caucasian people primarily found in Western Europe.

This shade exudes elegance, functionality, sophistication, timelessness, and modesty. With its warm undertones, nude color brings a sense of comfort and warmth. It possesses a delicate translucency that effortlessly exudes a subtle, sexy charm.

As a neutral shade, nude color serves as the perfect accent color for any other shade on the color wheel, especially black or dark brown shades. It blends seamlessly with the surrounding colors, creating a pleasing and comfortable aesthetic. Pure and fresh colors such as flesh color, beige, and light pink also fall within the nude color series.

Information about Nude / #e3bc9a

The RGB representation of nude color, #e3bc9a, is composed of 89.02% red, 73.73% green, and 60.39% blue. In the CMYK color space, it consists of 0.0% cyan, 17.18% magenta, 32.16% yellow, and 10.98% black.

Color Conversion:

  • RGB: 227, 188, 154
  • CMYK: 0.0, 17.182, 32.159, 10.98
  • Hex: e3bc9a
  • CIE-LAB: 78.829, 9.156, 22.45
  • CIE-LUV: 78.829, 27.138, 29.251
  • CIE-LCH/LCHab: 78.829, 24.245, 67.812
  • CIE-LUV/LCHuv: 78.829, 39.901, 47.146
  • Hunter-Lab: 73.914, 4.669, 21.104
  • YIQ: 195.785, 34.1643, -2.3323
  • YUV: 195.785, -20.56019, 27.38534
  • HSL: 27.95°, 56.59, 74.71
  • Web Safe Color: #cccc99
  • HSV (or HSB): 27.95°, 32.159, 89.02
  • Color Name: Nude

Various Shades of Nude Color

Nude color encompasses a range of shades, each with its own distinct characteristics. Let’s explore these different variations and understand their nuances:

Nude Brown Color #bc9e82

The nude brown color is a slightly darker iteration of the nude color, displaying a medium-light shade. In the RGB color space, it consists of 73.73% red, 61.96% green, and 50.98% blue. In the CMYK color space, it contains 0.0% cyan, 15.96% magenta, 30.85% yellow, and 26.27% black.

Pink Nude Color #ddc0b4

The pink nude color radiates warmth and delicacy. It boasts a calming and soothing effect. In the RGB color space, it consists of 86.67% red, 75.29% green, and 70.59% blue. In the CMYK color space, it contains 0.0% cyan, 13.12% magenta, 18.55% yellow, and 13.33% black.