Photo to Cartoon Apps

7 Best Photo to Cartoon Apps: Transform Your Images into Fun Cartoons!

Lazinc: Powerful Image Editing and Cartoonizing Tools

If you’re a fan of editing and designing images online, then you’re probably familiar with Lazinc and its powerful tools, templates, and AI effects. Considered a popular and acclaimed brand in the graphics industry, Lazinc has garnered millions of fans thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. One standout feature is Lazinc’s photo to cartoon app, which seamlessly integrates editing and designing tools, well-made templates, and AI effects.

To transform your photos into vibrant cartoons, Lazinc offers two convenient options. Firstly, you can capture a photo directly within the app and utilize the free cartoon photo editor to cartoonize your snapshot. Alternatively, you can select existing images from your camera roll to apply the cartoon effect. The app supports various types of images, ranging from cartoon portraits and avatars to selfies and more.

In addition to cartoon effects, Lazinc allows you to apply a plethora of AI art filters that can convert your photos into stunning artwork within seconds. These filters include photo to sketch, photo to watercolor, photo to pop art, photo to anime, Disney filter, manga filter, and many more.

How to Use Lazinc’s Cartoon App:

  1. Download and open Lazinc’s photo to cartoon app.
  2. Scroll down the screen and tap on “AI Art Effects.”
  3. Select an image you want to transform into a cartoon.
  4. Swipe left and right to find the Cartoon Effect.
  5. Apply the effect and let Lazinc’s AI cartoonizer automatically turn your photo into cartoon artwork.
  6. Preview and download your cartoon photos. You can also share them on social media platforms.

ToonMe: Unleash Your Cartoon Creativity

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like as a cartoon character? ToonMe can bring your imagination to life with its cartoon photo editor. Whether you want to cartoonize yourself, create cartoon selfies, or design cartoon avatars, ToonMe has you covered. You don’t need any professional cartooning skills because ToonMe’s picture to cartoon converter makes the process effortless.

ToonMe offers a wide range of art effects in its cartoon creator that can turn your cartoon dreams into reality. Explore the top or trending cartoon effects on the Toon Effects page for inspiration. As an added feature, you can change the background of your photos in ToonMe’s cartoon photo creator, allowing you to transform your cartoon pictures into real artwork. Additionally, you can even turn your cartoon selfies into cartoon stickers, adding an extra touch of fun to your creations.

Clip2Comic: Quick and High-Quality Cartoon Conversion

Clip2Comic is an iOS app that transforms your pictures into cartoons within seconds. Simply upload your images from your camera roll and choose from a variety of AI effects, such as cartoon, comic book, and sketch. With Clip2Comic’s advanced AI cartoon drawing tool, you can quickly process your images into cartoon versions.

To ensure the best visual effect, you can preview the before and after effects of the cartoon filter. Clip2Comic’s cartoon photo editor also allows you to save your cartoon images in high quality and resolution, supporting images up to 64 MP. Moreover, you can even transform video clips into cartoon, sketch, comic, and other artistic effects, with the capability to save videos in resolutions up to 4K and 60FPS.

Being more than just an AI art filters app, Clip2Comic also offers powerful editing tools to perfect your newly generated cartoons, sketches, and caricatures.

Cartoon Face: Turn Yourself into a Cartoon

Cartoon Face is an AI photo editor that specializes in transforming your photos into lively cartoons. With a wide range of cartoon effects and filters at your disposal, you can easily cartoonize yourself or create AI cartoon faces. Additionally, Cartoon Face offers a convenient cartoon profile picture feature that allows you to enhance your social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

With various options like 3D cartoon, Polly cartoon, neoclassic cartoon, charm cartoon, longing cartoon, and lovely cartoon, Cartoon Face provides the flexibility to cartoonize yourself in any style you desire. From Disney and fairy tale characters to princesses and oil paintings, the possibilities are endless. You can even compare the before and after effects of the cartoon transformation and take advantage of the available templates to create captivating cartoon characters with just one click.

ToonArt: Effortless Cartoon Transformations

If you’re searching for a photo to cartoon app with a quick and easy one-tap cartoon effect, look no further than ToonArt. Powered by advanced artificial intelligence, this app allows you to effortlessly cartoonize yourself and create digital artwork. ToonArt offers a variety of art effects, including anime filters, 3D cartoons, caricatures, and more. Alongside the magical picture to cartoon tool, the app provides an anime face changer, cartoon avatar maker, animation maker, cartoon face filters, and cartoon profile picture maker.

Once you’ve generated your cartoon artwork, you have the option to save it in high-resolution or share your impressive vector cartoons on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and TikTok.

Voilà AI Artist: Elevate Your Photos to Cartoon Art

Voilà AI Artist is a popular photo-to-cartoon app that harnesses the power of advanced AI to transform your images into captivating cartoon art in mere seconds. With a wide variety of AI art effects to choose from, including pencil sketch, Renaissance painting, caricature, and more, you can give your photos a unique and artistic touch.

One remarkable feature of Voilà AI Artist is its range of generated cartoon paintings, allowing you to fine-tune your preferences. This emphasis on customization reflects the app’s commitment to combining human creativity with the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Voilà AI Artist is not just a cartoon app; it’s also an app that allows you to cartoonize your family and friends. Moreover, you can turn your selfies or portraits into 3D cartoons resembling characters from animated movies.

ToonTap: Unleash Your Cartoon Creativity

ToonTap, an Android app featuring a versatile cartoon photo editor and a cartoon profile picture maker, has garnered thousands of fans with its powerful AI technology. As the name suggests, with just one tap, you can cartoonize yourself into 2D or 3D cartoons effortlessly.

ToonTap offers a variety of cartoon effects, allowing you to choose your favorite after transforming yourself into an art masterpiece with its cartoonify effects. Additionally, the app provides numerous cartoon templates, enabling you to create stylish and trendy toon artwork instantly. Whether it’s a Christmas cartoon, a 3D Disney cartoon, or a comedic cartoon, ToonTap’s customizable options are sure to captivate your imagination.

With ToonTap, you can explore various bonus features, including anime character filters, face swap filters, sketch effects, and caricature effects. Furthermore, you can envision your future self using ToonTap’s old age editor, which applies a remarkable aging filter to your selfies.


In this comprehensive overview, we’ve highlighted the top 7 photo to cartoon apps available for iOS and Android users. These apps, including Lazinc, ToonMe, Clip2Comic, Cartoon Face, ToonArt, Voilà AI Artist, and ToonTap, offer various features and effects to ensure you can transform your images into captivating cartoons. Not limited to cartoon filters, these apps also offer a range of other AI effects, such as sketches, caricatures, and comics. Choose the app that suits your preferences and let your creativity soar by creating fascinating cartoon art. Download your preferred photo to cartoon app from the options mentioned above and start creating your own unique cartoon art today!


1. Can I use these photo to cartoon apps on both iOS and Android?

Yes, all the apps mentioned in this article are available for both iOS and Android platforms. Simply visit the respective app store for your device and download the app that matches your operating system.