Polly Nor’s Bold and Unapologetic Art

It’s Art Mum, Look it Up

Interview by Kristin Farr // Portrait by Ian Cox

The World of Polly Nor: Uncovering Layers of Meaning

Step into the mystical and mischievous world of Polly Nor, where devilish imps and housebound women reign. While her drawings may initially appear whimsical, a closer look reveals narratives that mirror our current state of affairs. From internet addiction to misogyny and judgmental behavior, Polly’s work fearlessly confronts these issues, challenging societal norms and reclaiming power. In the face of trolls, Polly’s art prevails as a true form of self-expression.

Housebound Women: A Reflection of Personal Experiences

Polly’s drawings often feature housebound women, a theme influenced by her own experiences growing up in London. Limited by financial constraints, Polly and her friends found solace in spending time at home. These drawings not only capture the essence of her youth but also highlight the struggles of feeling trapped and secluded. In recent years, Polly has overcome her nocturnal tendencies, breaking free from the confinement of her own bedroom.

Confronting Internet Addiction

Like many others in the digital age, Polly acknowledges her own unhealthy relationship with the internet. Through her art, she tackles the issues of internet addiction and its impact on society. Drawing inspiration from her own experiences and those around her, Polly creates relatable and thought-provoking artwork that addresses the hedonistic and narcissistic nature of our online existence.

The Internet and the Expansion of Art

The rise of social media, particularly platforms like Instagram, has revolutionized the art world. Polly believes that these platforms have led to greater inclusivity and accessibility in the art industry. Artists no longer have to rely solely on traditional galleries or established connections to showcase their work. With a few taps on their smartphones, artists can curate their own online galleries and build a global following. This shift has allowed for the discovery and appreciation of diverse talents from around the world.

Navigating Online Trolls

Polly is no stranger to online trolls and the abuse that often comes with having a strong online presence. However, she recognizes that the vitriol directed towards female artists and writers is a testament to their success and impact. Despite the negative comments, Polly takes the opportunity to turn the tables and find humor in the absurdity of the situation. She embraces the support she receives from her followers and uses the negativity as fuel to create even more captivating art.

The Power of Negative Feedback

Constructive criticism is an invaluable tool for growth, but negative feedback can also provide valuable insights. Polly recounts a time when her work received harsh criticism from a website’s readers. Rather than taking it to heart, she saw it as a reminder to stay true to her unique artistic style. This incident prompted her to reflect on the potential dangers of becoming too mainstream and losing the edge that makes her work stand out.

The Demons Within: A Complex Relationship

In Polly’s art, demons often play a pivotal role, but their depiction goes beyond traditional notions of evil. These demons represent a range of emotions and ideas, serving as extensions of the female characters’ inner selves. They can be destructive or comforting, reflecting the complexities of the human psyche. Through her art, Polly captures the multifaceted nature of the female experience and the struggles individuals face both internally and externally.

An Imaginative Process

Polly’s artistic process involves a combination of imagination and real-world references. While she draws inspiration from her own experiences and emotions, she also relies on visual stimuli collected from the internet. These range from everyday objects to models posing in seemingly mundane yet absurdly sexual ways. By incorporating these references into her work, Polly adds a touch of realism to her imaginative creations.

The Manifestation of Desire and Frustration

Quasimoto and other influential musicians have had a profound impact on Polly’s work. The music she listens to often finds its way into her artistic process, influencing the overall tone and emotions conveyed in her drawings. Polly draws on personal struggles and intense mood swings to create artwork that captures desires, frustrations, and a wide array of emotions. The result is a body of work that resonates with her audience on a deeply personal level.

Exploring Personal and Social Issues

Polly’s work reflects her ongoing exploration of personal experiences and how they intersect with broader societal issues. Her drawings unveil the challenges faced by women, including the predatory environment they may encounter growing up. Polly confronts the shame and guilt imposed on women regarding their sexuality, celebrating female desire and challenging societal norms. By shedding light on these issues, she creates a space for dialogue and introspection.

A Universal Appeal

Polly’s art, despite its focus on female experiences, transcends gender boundaries. While her artwork draws inspiration from conversations and personal struggles faced by women, its themes and messages resonate with all individuals. Art has the power to transcend our individual experiences and offer insights into the broader human condition. Polly’s work exemplifies this ability, inviting viewers from all walks of life to connect with her art on an emotional level.

The Evolution of Polly’s Art

Polly’s artistic journey has been marked by growth and experimentation. She has expanded beyond traditional illustrations, delving into animation, sculpture, and installation art. Her online store has provided a platform for showcasing and selling her work directly to her audience. Embracing new mediums and exploring different creative avenues, Polly continues to push the boundaries of her artistic expression.

Engaging with Viewers

One of the joys of creating art for Polly is the connection she establishes with her audience. The messages she receives from individuals who find solace or joy in her work are a constant reminder of its impact. Polly values the interactions with her followers and takes time to read comments, often finding humor in the witty and quirky remarks left on her posts.

Embracing Change and New Challenges

Polly acknowledges that her evolving personal life can influence her artistic style. As she navigates life’s ups and downs, particularly in the realm of relationships, she finds herself adapting to new experiences. In her recent content, Polly seeks to capture this evolution, often grappling with the challenge of maintaining her distinct style without the turmoil that once fueled it.

A Glimpse into Polly’s Artistic Process

Polly’s creative process is influenced by her surroundings, personal experiences, and the music she immerses herself in. She draws inspiration from various sources, seamlessly blending her imagination with real-world elements. Her childhood love for drawing girls has persisted, evident in her ongoing depiction of strong female characters. Through introspection and experimentation, Polly continues to evolve as an artist.

From Illustration to Narrative

Polly’s recent forays into comic strip formats demonstrate her interest in storytelling. The “A Series of Nine” comic strip, released sequentially on Instagram, allowed her to share a poignant narrative. Inspired by the positive reception, Polly has a newfound motivation to explore more narrative-focused work, opening up exciting possibilities for future projects.

Celebrating Fleeting Fashion Phases

Polly’s love for documenting ephemeral fashion trends is evident in her art. From toe socks to lava lamps, she captures the essence of these passing fads that punctuated her generation. Through her illustrations, Polly preserves not only personal memories but also the collective nostalgia felt by many who have experienced these trends.


Polly Nor’s art transcends the boundaries of traditional representation. Through her imaginative characters, she explores pressing social issues and personal struggles, inviting viewers into a world that reflects our own. Her ability to balance wit, humor, and introspection creates a unique connection between her art and its audience. As Polly continues to evolve and experiment with new mediums, her work remains a powerful testament to the potential of artistic expression.

Art by Polly Nor: FAQs

1. Where can I see Polly Nor’s artwork in person?

Polly frequently exhibits her artwork in various locations worldwide. Follow her on social media or visit her official website to stay updated on upcoming exhibitions and shows.

2. Does Polly Nor sell her artwork?

Yes, Polly sells her artwork through her online store. Visit her website to explore her available pieces and make a purchase.

3. Can I commission a custom artwork from Polly Nor?

Polly occasionally accepts commissions for custom artwork. Reach out to her through her website or social media channels to inquire about commission opportunities.

4. Where else can I find Polly Nor’s work?

In addition to her website, Polly Nor’s artwork can be found on various social media platforms, including Instagram. Follow her on these platforms to stay connected with her latest creations and updates.

5. How can I support Polly Nor as an artist?

The best way to support Polly Nor is to engage with her art. Follow her on social media, share her work with others, and consider purchasing her artwork or merchandise. Your support as a fan contributes to her growth as an artist.