Sickid’s Unconventional Renaissance Unveiled

The Colorful Universe of Sickid: A Journey into Graffiti Art


Sickid, a young graffiti artist and painter based in Los Angeles, has gained recognition for his ever-evolving cast of cartoon characters and vibrant street art. Utilizing billboards as his canvas, Sickid’s work stands out in the bustling city, drawing attention to his unique storytelling abilities. His artistic journey encompasses a fusion of Angeleno folk art, comics, and autobiographical elements. Inspired by the naïve painting styles of immigrant neighbors, street characters, and untrained influences, Sickid has developed a distinctive and colorful universe that captivates viewers.

Discovering Artistic Passion

As a child, Sickid’s interest in art was ignited by his love for cartoons. From Cartoon Network favorites like Dexter, Jimmy Neutron, The Simpsons, and Powerpuff Girls, he found joy in redrawing these beloved characters. Wrestling also played a significant role in his early creative endeavors, as he delighted in drawing wrestlers and playing with wrestling toys. In middle school, Sickid began exploring different artists and discovered that art could be more than just a hobby—it could be a career. Attending a performing arts high school in LA, he immersed himself in the visual art department, allowing his artistic skills to flourish.

A Journey of Self-Discovery

During his artistic development, Sickid focused on finding his unique voice by emulating the works of other artists. Through introspection and self-reflection, he gained confidence and authenticity in his art. The liberating realization that validation from others was not necessary propelled Sickid towards a more genuine expression of his individuality. Describing his style may still prove challenging, but he no longer feels the need to justify or define it explicitly. As long as his artwork communicates its own language effectively, it holds its own validity.

The Influence of Wrestling

Wrestling holds a special place in Sickid’s heart, shaping his artistic journey significantly. Growing up with siblings who were fans of wrestling, Sickid’s earliest memories revolve around this form of entertainment. The impact of wrestling on his life extends beyond mere inspiration, as he finds solace and motivation in listening to wrestling promos during moments of exhaustion or self-doubt. The legendary wrestler Eddie Guerrero remains a particular favorite, leaving an indelible mark on Sickid.

The Origin of the Name

Sickid’s name originates from a harsh encounter with a sophomore bully during his high school years. This individual ridiculed Sickid’s artwork, criticizing its appearance and deeming it grotesque. Referring to him as a “sick kid” with a derisive intent, the bully unintentionally sparked a connection within Sickid. Embracing the name as his own, Sickid found empowerment in reclaiming a term that once caused him distress. Although contemplating a name change as he grows older, Sickid appreciates the symmetry and divisibility of his name, especially for graffiti purposes. Describing it as his “Outsiders name,” Sickid sees it as an integral part of his artistic identity.

From Graffiti Writer to Artist

Sickid’s journey as an artist began with a deep-rooted passion for creating art, which eventually led him to explore the world of illegal street art. This transition from creating art for personal enjoyment to sharing it with the public through graffiti sets him apart from many artists. Rather than confining his art to gallery walls, Sickid seeks to communicate with society and convey his message in unconventional ways. While acknowledging the bro-ish and angsty reputation of graffiti culture, Sickid’s motivation stems from a desire for recognition, particularly from those who initially overlooked him. Over time, graffiti has transformed from a self-centered activity into a means of service both to others and himself.

Merging Art with Activism

During the tumultuous events of 2020, including widespread protests, Sickid found a way to intertwine his art with activism. In a billboard tribute to Breonna Taylor, Sickid utilized his skills to spread a powerful message. Although he does not consider himself an activist artist per se, the opportunity to contribute to a cause resonated with him. Sickid remains cautious of the commodification of activist art, highlighting the importance of maintaining authenticity and avoiding the exploitation of social justice causes for profit. His art aims to evoke a range of emotions, from discomfort to curiosity, prompting viewers to contemplate the complexities of the world.

Unveiling Los Angeles Through Art

Sickid finds inspiration in the vibrant and eclectic spirit of Los Angeles. The city’s naive and unselfconscious nature captivates him, exemplifying an ethos of artistic expression in its purest form. He draws parallels between the city’s untrained, folk art style and his own artistic