Thanksgiving Color Trends 2023

The Rich History of Thanksgiving Colors

The Origins of Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving holiday, although commonly associated with America, has a deep-rooted history spanning thousands of years across various cultures worldwide. The tradition of expressing gratitude for a bountiful harvest has been celebrated in diverse ways throughout history. One notable event in the Thanksgiving narrative occurred in 1621 when English pilgrims sat down with the Wampanoag Indians for a three-day feast, which marked the beginning of what we now know as Thanksgiving. This momentous occasion was filled with not only delectable food but also joyful games and an abundance of gratitude.

The Meaning Behind Traditional Thanksgiving Colors

While the essence of Thanksgiving has evolved over time, shifting focus from harvest celebration to cherishing time with family and expressing gratitude, the colors associated with this holiday have endured. These colors have played a significant role in representing the spirit of Thanksgiving. Let’s delve into the history and symbolism of some of the most popular Thanksgiving colors.

The Vibrant Significance of Orange

Orange, a color often linked with fall, is deeply intertwined with Thanksgiving traditions. Surprisingly, its association with the holiday predates its connection to foliage. Orange has historical significance, as it was a color prominently featured on the early American flag. Over time, it became a popular choice for adorning homes and businesses during the Thanksgiving season. Today, orange remains a popular color for Thanksgiving decorations, including tablescapes and festive flowers such as chrysanthemums.

The Warmth of Yellow

Yellow, akin to orange, has been used in flags since the early days of the United States. It is also commonly found in fall foliage and floral arrangements. This cheerful hue adds a splash of sunshine to Thanksgiving decorating schemes. Combining yellow with other colors like white or green brings out its vibrancy, creating an eye-catching appeal.

The Earthy Charm of Brown

Brown, a more subtle yet comforting color, plays a significant role in many Thanksgiving decorating schemes. As the foundation of various design concepts, it emanates warmth and creates a cozy atmosphere. Brown is often associated with fall leaves and acorns, both of which are popular elements in Thanksgiving decor. Combining brown with colors like white or green adds a touch of neutrality, resulting in a harmonious blend.

The Passionate Allure of Red

Red, alongside orange and yellow, holds a special place in the traditional color palette for Thanksgiving. This captivating color has been present in the American flag since the country’s inception and is also commonly found in the vibrant hues of fall leaves and berries. When incorporated into Thanksgiving decorations or table settings, red adds an element of excitement. Combining it with colors like white or green allows red to truly stand out, creating a visually striking arrangement.

The Natural Serenity of Green

Green, though less frequently seen in Thanksgiving color schemes, complements many decorating concepts. It adds a touch of nature to decor and tablescapes while often being found in flower arrangements. When combined with colors like white or brown, particularly the vibrant shade of kelly green, it harmonizes a Thanksgiving theme, connecting it with the beauty of the outdoors and the bounty of the harvest.

The Elegance and Brilliance of Gold

While gold is not traditionally associated with Thanksgiving, its popularity has been growing in recent years. The addition of gold to decorating schemes brings touches of luxury and shimmer that amplify the overall aesthetic. When combined with colors such as white or green, gold becomes the focal point, exuding opulence and sophistication.

The Freshness and Purity of White

Similar to gold, white has gained popularity in modern Thanksgiving decor. By incorporating white, a clean and fresh look can be achieved for both decor and tablescapes. When combined with colors such as green or gold, white becomes a transformative component, elevating the overall appearance and creating an ambiance of elegance.

Thanksgiving Color Combinations to Inspire You

The Classic Elegance: Gray and White

The timeless combination of gray and white sets the stage for an elegant and sophisticated tablescape. Gray adds a touch of sophistication, while white creates a light and airy atmosphere. Enhance this combination with metallic elements to introduce an extra layer of glamour.

The Playful Harmony: Bright Blue and Coral

For a cheerful and vibrant table, consider combining bright blue and coral. Blue adds a refreshing touch, while coral introduces warmth. To enhance this vibrant pairing, incorporate white pumpkins or gourds that bring a festive touch to the overall arrangement.

The Romantic Bliss: Shades of Pink

Create a romantic atmosphere by curating a feminine palette using various shades of pink, from delicate blush to intense fuchsia. Adding depth and interest to your tablescape, pink can be coupled with greenery or berries for additional bursts of color.

The Modern Chic: Copper and Gray

For a stylish and contemporary twist, combine copper and gray. Copper infuses a touch of luxury, while gray maintains a grounded feel. Incorporate geometric elements or branches into the design to add further intrigue and visual interest.

The Opulent Extravaganza: Mix Jewel Tones

For a glamorous tablescape, opt for a palette that consists of multiple jewel tones like rubies, sapphires, and fuchsia. These rich, vibrant hues create depth and enhance the opulence of the display. Complement this stunning combination with metallic elements to elevate the overall luxurious feel.

The Vibrant Simplicity: Orange and White

For a splash of color and warmth, combine orange and white. Orange brings a touch of autumnal vibrancy, while white maintains freshness. Incorporating elements like greenery or berries adds further dimension and richness to the composition.

The Luxurious Elegance: Gold and White

Elevate your tablescape with a luxurious palette of gold and white. Gold accents exude glamour, while white keeps the arrangement clean and pure. Introduce metallic or glass elements to add an extra touch of opulence to the overall aesthetic.

The Timeless Classic: Red and Beige

Create a timeless Thanksgiving look with the classic combination of red and beige. Incorporate all-red or all-white tableware, accented with red napkins, or opt for a red tablecloth paired with white dinnerware. Whichever variation you choose, this color palette is sure to evoke a sense of tradition and elegance.

The Rustic Beauty: Browns and Yellow

Embrace the rustic charm of fall by combining various shades of brown and yellow. Whether it’s all-brown or all-yellow plates, accentuating them with matching napkins, or utilizing a brown tablecloth with yellow dinnerware, this unique twist on traditional Thanksgiving colors is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Creative Use of Thanksgiving Color Palettes

Enriching Your Table Setting

When setting your Thanksgiving table, consider using Thanksgiving color palettes to add flair to your arrangements. For instance, if you have white plates, complement them with decorative plates in vibrant colors like red or yellow. Alternatively, make a statement by placing a red plate as the bottom tier and a yellow plate as the salad plate. Exploring complementary color schemes also yields impressive results. Complete the look by coordinating napkins, such as pairing a red napkin with a yellow napkin ring for an aesthetically pleasing ensemble. By incorporating these bold colors into your table setting, you can give your Thanksgiving gathering an extra touch of pizzazz.

A Useful Tool for Designing with Thanksgiving Colors

If you seek inspiration for creating designs based on Thanksgiving color schemes, consider using Lazinc’s color palette generator. This user-friendly tool enables you to effortlessly mix and match colors to suit your needs. Whether you are designing a tablescape or crafting homemade decorations, the color palette generator can assist you in curating the perfect Thanksgiving color combination.


In conclusion, Thanksgiving colors hold a rich historical and symbolic significance. From the traditional hues of orange, yellow, brown, red, and green to the modern additions of gold and white, each color evokes a unique essence that enhances the overall ambiance of Thanksgiving. By creatively combining these colors, you can create stunning tablescape designs that capture the spirit of gratitude, elevate your festivities, and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are there any specific colors that are considered taboo for Thanksgiving decor?

It’s important to remember that there are no fixed rules when it comes to Thanksgiving decor colors. However, it’s generally a good idea to avoid colors that deviate too far from traditional autumn hues.