Top 11 AI Art Generator Apps


If you have experience in photo editing and design, you may be familiar with Lazinc. Lazinc is a popular image processing brand that has gained a large following due to its advanced AI algorithms and powerful image editing and design tools. One of its notable features is the AI art generator, which allows users to create art without the need for brushes or drawing skills. In this article, we will explore Lazinc along with 11 other highly-rated AI art generator apps available in the app store.

Lazinc’s AI Art Generator

Lazinc’s AI art generator is designed to enable anyone, regardless of their artistic abilities, to create their own AI-generated art using revolutionary AI technology. With Lazinc, users can choose from various AI art styles such as anime art, concept illustration, and art nouveau. The AI generator also offers the option to convert photos into AI-generated pictures, allowing users to transform their own images into unique artworks. Some key features of Lazinc’s AI art generator include:

  • Various AI art styles to choose from, including anime art, concept illustration, and art nouveau
  • 10 free AI photos generated per day
  • Ability to manage the number of AI-generated images
  • Options to create AI pictures from text or images
  • Ability to adjust image details, such as perfect portrait, super-detailed, and 8k/HD
  • Easy conversion of photos to AI avatars with different effects
  • Availability of pro-level compositions

Starryai – Create Art with AI

Starryai is a professional AI art generator app that allows users to input text prompts and transform them into aesthetically pleasing artworks. The app’s AI painter analyzes the features of the text and combines them with the chosen art style to create unique pieces. Additionally, Starryai provides a special community for AI photos, where users can share their AI-generated images and learn from the works of other AI artists. Key features of Starryai include:

  • 5 free AI artworks without watermarks generated daily
  • Multiple AI art styles and models to choose from
  • Batch creation of AI artworks
  • Customizable size for AI-generated images

Wonder – AI Art Generator

With Wonder-AI Art Generator, users can quickly transform their whimsical text into captivating artworks using powerful internal artificial intelligence algorithms. The AI painter in Wonder can create artwork in various styles, ranging from gorgeous baroque paintings to futuristic synthetic wave landscapes. Users can also input their favorite poems, lyrics, or lines from movies or TV shows to generate AI art pieces. Additionally, Wonder offers the Voi-AI Avatar App, which allows users to create AI avatars for streaming channels and social media platforms. Key features of Wonder include:

  • Daily reset of the credit limit
  • A variety of AI art styles, such as Cubist, Dali, Synthwave, and Steampunk
  • Opportunity to post or download excellent AI paintings under the corresponding AI art tab
  • Availability of unique prompt inspirations for learning and using

Dream By WOMBO – AI Art Tool

Dream by Wombo is an AI art tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to create artwork and bring ideas to life. Users can upload reference images, and the AI drawing tool instantly learns the desired style to generate artwork accordingly. The aim of Dream by Wombo is to simplify the art creation process and make it accessible to everyone. Key features of Dream by Wombo include:

  • Support for various AI art styles
  • Ability to generate backgrounds for phone wallpaper
  • Multiple output selections
  • AI image community for sharing and learning

AI Art Generator – Uni Dream

Uni Dream is an AI art generator app that leverages the popular AI photo generator Dall-e 2’s AI models. Users can enter text prompts to obtain unique AI-generated artwork. Uni Dream offers numerous possibilities for AI art, including popular ACG and anime styles, as well as cyberpunk themes. A unique feature of Uni Dream is its ability to generate artwork from novels and retain specific masked parts from uploaded photos. Key features of Uni Dream include:

  • Support for various art styles
  • Multiple ways to generate pictures: text to picture, picture to picture
  • Wide range of static and dynamic AI art effects
  • Ability to mint AI generative artwork into NFT for potential financial profits