Top Video Background Removers for 2023

Innovative Tools to Change Video Backgrounds

In the realm of video production, we often come across situations where the background of a video fails to complement the subject. To resolve this issue, we turn to video background removers, which enable us to remove unwanted backgrounds and replace them with virtual ones. This not only saves time but also reduces costs associated with elaborate setups and physical background changes.

An Introduction to Video Background Removers

Video background removers are invaluable tools for both content creators and professional video editors. They offer a simple and efficient way to change video backgrounds seamlessly. In this article, we will explore 12 remarkable video background removers that cater to various needs and preferences, ensuring that you can effortlessly transform your videos with ease.

Unscreen: Powerfully Automatic and Free

Unscreen is an exceptional online tool that provides fully automated, free background removal for videos. By simply uploading your video file, Unscreen removes the background, leaving only the main subject intact. This tool also grants users the option to make the background transparent or replace it with other videos, pictures, or a single solid color.

Unscreen supports a wide range of video formats, including mp4, WebM, Ogg, and even animated gif files. Removing the background from dynamic images or videos can be more challenging than static images. Unlike other tools, Unscreen excels in this aspect by allowing users to upload the file directly for hassle-free background removal.

Notable features of Unscreen:
– A vast library of high-quality GIFs and dynamic backgrounds to choose from.
– Support for popular video and dynamic image formats such as Mp4, Webm, Ogg, and Gif.
– No maximum file size or resolution limits, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Cutout Pro: Intuitive and Professional

Cutout Pro is a user-friendly and professional cutout software that simplifies the process of removing backgrounds from videos. With Cutout Pro, you can effortlessly extract the desired objects from the video background and seamlessly integrate new backgrounds. What’s even more impressive is that you no longer require a green screen for this process. Upon uploading your video, this free video background remover automatically isolates the image.

Cutout Pro boasts an array of outstanding features, including automatic contour detection, chroma key blue screen cutout (commonly used in the film industry), hierarchical montage techniques, and precise deduction of various elements such as people, products, animals, food, and cars.

Key features of Cutout Pro:
– Automatic and accurate contour detection for precise cutout.
– Detailed instructional videos to guide users through the process effectively.
– Hierarchical montage technique for complex background removal.
– Versatile deduction capabilities for various subjects.

Kapwing: Versatile Online Background Remover

Kapwing is a highly versatile online tool that serves as an excellent video background remover. It simplifies the process of separating the main body of the video from the background, ensuring a seamless editing experience. In addition to background removal, Kapwing provides an array of convenient online video editing collaboration tools, including video cropping, text/titles addition, and transition effects.

Kapwing’s advanced AI-powered tools make it effortless for users to create, edit, and develop video content for various platforms. It supports the removal of background from green-screen and blue-screen videos without the need for complex tutorials. By simply accessing the “Green Screen Video Editor” feature, users can seamlessly leverage the green screen tool.

Key features of Kapwing:
– Support for green screen and blue screen video background removal.
– Advanced customization options with Threshold sliders to fine-tune the filter.
– Built-in chroma key tool for convenient editing.
– Offers video templates designed for specific social media platforms like Linkedin and Instagram.

VSDC: Free Video Editor with Chroma Key Masking

VSDC is a popular free video editor for Windows that provides an impressive chroma key masking feature to remove video backgrounds effortlessly. By utilizing VSDC’s built-in chroma key, users can swiftly detect solid color backgrounds and eliminate them from their videos. All you need is a Windows computer, a camera, a green screen, and a steady light source to accomplish seamless background replacement using VSDC’s free editing software.

Key features of VSDC:
– Adjustable threshold for precise background removal.
– Subpixel support for enhanced accuracy.
– Direct export of videos to social media platforms.
– User-friendly interface tailored for beginners.

Camtasia: Screen Recording and Background Removal In One

Camtasia is an intuitive and user-friendly screen recording software available for both Windows and Mac systems. Apart from its primary function of screen recording, Camtasia offers essential video editing capabilities that simplify post-production processes. Notably, the software facilitates background removal from videos.

To remove the background using Camtasia, users can import footage recorded against a green screen and access the “Visual Effects >> Remove Color” option in the left column. Selecting the green color to be keyed out in the property bar on the right enables successful background removal.

Key features of Camtasia:
– Hotkey support for increased efficiency.
– Convenient canvas, timeline, and edit bar for streamlined editing.
– Diverse selection of video effects for creative enhancements.

Final Cut Pro: Apple’s Finest Video Background Removal

Final Cut Pro is Apple’s proprietary software designed explicitly for video background removal and editing. The software seamlessly integrates with Mac computers, making it an ideal choice for Mac users. Final Cut Pro offers a built-in suite of tools for green screen editing, enabling users to create professional-grade movies that rival TV broadcasts. Additionally, Final Cut Pro features a vast array of video editing tools, providing ample creative freedom for users.

Key features of Final Cut Pro:
– User-friendly interface for ease of use.
– Wide selection of virtual backgrounds for versatile editing options.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Powerful Background Removal

For those seeking the absolute best video background remover, Adobe Premiere Pro emerges as a top contender. With its comprehensive frame-by-frame occlusion function, Adobe Premiere Pro allows users to remove background elements effectively. It is important to note that, while this method ensures precise background removal, it may also occlude certain parts of the footage, which may be unsuitable for non-professional editors due to the tedious nature of the process.

Key features of Adobe Premiere Pro:
– Effective background removal without leaving watermarks.
– No limitations on video size or length.

Chromavid: Simplified Green Screen Tool

Chromavid is a user-friendly green screen tool that simplifies the video background removal process. This tool supports chroma keying, enabling instant application of video and photo effects similar to those seen in TV shows or movies. In addition to green screens, Chromavid accommodates blue, red, and yellow screens as alternative background colors.

Chromavid provides multiple ways to remove video backgrounds, including Normal Chormavid, Reverse Chromavid, and Merge Chromavid. These modes allow for foreground removal, elimination of main character color, and merging capabilities, respectively.

Key features of Chromavid:
– Simple operation with a large user base.
– Unlimited recording time for extended video capture.
– Option to disable Chromavid watermarks.

Filmora Video Editor: Wondershare’s Background Removal Tool

Filmora, developed by Wondershare, offers a comprehensive suite of tools for video background removal. This software’s green screen effect utilizes advanced tracking and stacking techniques. By making the green screen color transparent on the top layer while retaining the film or picture on the lower layer, creators can overlay the main subject onto various backgrounds, creating captivating virtual scenes.

Key features of Filmora:
– A wide range of video effects and themes to enhance your projects.
– Effortless removal and replacement of videos with solid background colors.