Vans Vision with Brock Fetch at ComplexCon

Capturing Memories: The Intimate World of Photographer Brock Fetch

With Brock Fetch

We recently had the pleasure of partnering with Vans on a series of captivating photo walks at ComplexCon. This special collaboration brought together photographers Ray Barbee, Daniel Arnold, Miranda Barnes, and the talented Brock Fetch. Each of these photographers added their unique styles and perspectives, leading groups around the convention and the vibrant city of Long Beach.

Brock Fetch: A Photographer with a Unique Perspective

Brock Fetch is an accomplished American photographer based in Denver, Colorado. His impressive portfolio includes capturing intimate moments with prominent hip-hop artists such as A$AP Rocky, Action Bronson, and Mac Miller during the early 2010s. Through his work, Fetch has developed a distinct style of portrait photography that allows him to unveil the raw essence of his subjects. His collaboration with Polaroid, Sonos, Lazinc, and Thrasher Magazines further attests to his talent and versatility.

Discovering the Power of Photography

When asked about his early experiences with photography, Fetch fondly recalls his grandfather’s love for capturing moments. Growing up in a small town, surrounded by rural landscapes, art was not as prevalent. However, Fetch’s grandfather always carried a camera and even had a darkroom at home. This exposure to photography sparked Fetch’s interest and served as the foundation for his own journey into the world of capturing memories.

“The sentimental aspect of a photograph is something I’m truly passionate about,” Fetch says, reflecting on his lifelong obsession with capturing cherished moments. He believes that perfection is not necessary for a photo to hold meaning. In fact, he values imperfections in family photos, understanding their irreplaceable and authentic nature.

The Importance of Time and Connection

One of the challenges Fetch faces as a photographer is persuading people to pause and allow him to capture their images. However, as time goes on, he witnesses a growing appreciation for the memories he captures. Fetch expresses a deep sense of care for the individuals he photographs, emphasizing his commitment to delivering timeless photographs that will endure for generations. Whether it’s a photograph of a renowned artist or a candid backstage moment, Fetch takes pride in the role he plays as a documentarian.

“Group photos are some of the dopest photos you have of yourself,” Fetch explains. While gathering a group for a photo can be challenging, he recognizes the significance of these images in preserving memories. Looking back at a group photo, one can vividly recall the atmosphere and emotions of that specific moment. Fetch aims to create such lasting memories for all his subjects.

Pursuing a Passion: The Journey into Photography

As Fetch narrates his journey into photography, it becomes evident that his path was not always clear. Growing up in an environment with limited access to photography, he developed a curiosity for pursuits that seemed out of reach. However, his fond memories of time spent with his grandfather and their shared love for photography stayed with him.

The turning point came when Fetch decided to pursue something he genuinely loved. He meticulously planned, saving up to spend a year in New York solely dedicated to photography. It was a time for him to immerse himself in learning, like attending school, but with a more hands-on approach. Armed with his backpack, camera, and skateboard, Fetch explored the city, constantly honing his craft. During those initial stages, he worked for free, eagerly absorbing knowledge and gaining experience with every opportunity.

Growth and Exploration through Photography

Photography has brought not only growth but also a sense of self-realization to Fetch. It allowed him to delve deeper into his interests, provide a new perspective, and document the lives of those closest to him. Despite the transformative experiences, Fetch firmly believes that photography has not fundamentally changed him; rather, it has allowed him to fully embrace his passions and connect with his subjects.

Process versus Outcome: The Duality of Photography

For Fetch, the process of capturing photographs is often more enjoyable than reflecting on the moments captured. He finds joy in the adventures that unfold during photo shoots, but acknowledges that truly appreciating the captured images often comes with the passage of time. The true value of photography lies in its ability to transport individuals back to specific moments, invoking memories and emotions long after the shutter is released.

The social aspect is an intriguing part of Fetch’s photographic journey. While he describes himself as somewhat anti-social, photography acts as both a shield and a tool for connection. Behind his camera, he can engage with people in ways he might not be comfortable with otherwise.